View Full Version : Playing MMS Streams In Slim Server

2005-12-21, 22:28

I cannot for the life of me get Slim Server to play the following stream for a local radio station: http://live.eonstreams.com/ccri_co_denver_kbco_fm_fast

This will play in Windows Media Player and converts the http URL above to: mms:// co denver kbco fm
> fast?MSWMExt=.asf

Notice the .asf query string parameter? I know this is the culprit but I have a feeling there is no way around the challenge here as Eonstreams (the ones streaming) appears to require the use of their customized Windows Media Players for any of their streams.

In the end, I have no desire to use Windows Media Player, I want to listen to this radio station (KBCO for all you here in Colorado) through my Squeezebox!

Thanks for any help or even reading this thread, Merry Christmas!