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2005-12-21, 14:42
Hi All,
I'm using SlimServer 6.1.1 and FireFox as the browser. When I add an entire album to the playlist of a connected Squeezebox only 1 track shows up on the panel on the right. If I delete that 1 song it shows the next one in the list. It didn't do this yesterday - but I'm not sure what I've changed. Is there a setting somewhere that controls this?

Also, I mucked around with iTunes - initially had it working (opening the <ip number:9000>.stream.mp3. But then changed something in iTunes. Now it works - but stops playing after each individual track and I have to select another song manually in the Browser and then hit play in iTunes to get it going again. In other words it won't play all songs in the play list in a row without stopping after each individual song. This is with iTunes 6.

Any hints, tips or suggestions most apprec.



2005-12-21, 15:16
I selected a "Handheld" skin. Then I selected the "default" skin and the playlist was back to it's normal self (showing all the tracks that were in the playlist).

Is this normal behavior? A bug? or "Operator Error"? ;-)