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2005-12-21, 12:25
I'm having an issue with the web interface for SlimServer 6.2.1.

I have a Squeezebox and a couple of non hardware targets in the current player drop-down list.

For some reason if I'm trying to queue up a song or album for one of the non squeezebox targets it automatically switches to the other and queues the songs up there instead.

I can select different players by switching through the entries in the list, and when I do, I can see the queued play lists, but as soon as I try and modify the playlist by using any of the options in the left hand pane, I run into problems.

Mozilla 1.5 under WinXP. SlimServer is running the default skin. All of the player targets with the exception of the squeezebox are connecting to the squeeze server across the Net, and the server is behind a port forwarded NAT router.

2005-12-22, 11:58
A little bit more investigation, and it seems that what is happening is that whenever songs are added to the playlist from the left hand pane, the current device switches back to whatever is top of the list.

It seems to be something with the latest stable build of slimserver, as I've never noticed this behaviour before. I tried restarting the server, but that didn't seem to make any difference. I've also tried IE, and Konqueror to make sure it isn't just a Firefox thing.

Is this a known bug? Does anyone have any clues as to what I can do to fix it?

2005-12-23, 06:13
I get the same problem. The way I've worked out to resolve it is to use the following URL


Replace localhost with the IP address of your SlimServer computer, and the XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with the IP address of the computer that's connection to the stream.

I think it must be a bug, but that should fix your problem for you, it did for me.

2005-12-28, 14:29
cheers, that does the trick.

2005-12-28, 14:35
Check out this bug:
and vote for it so it'll get fixed sooner.