View Full Version : Log file containing scan errors

2005-12-21, 10:27

I have problems where not all my files are being scanned into the library. Now I know they are tagged ok as I also use the Netgear MP101 and its server software and/or Twonkyvision and they can see the mp3s no problem. I was wondering where any scan failures are logged so I can debug the problems.

It can browse these files via the folder no proiblem


Mark Lanctot
2006-01-03, 07:32
As a means to bump this older post, I'll ask the obvious: did you rescan?

I often find it's helpful to start out with a "Clear library and rescan everything", then a "Look for new and changed music" scan. Or try a "clear library" scan after you're encountering issues like this.

Also: are you using the latest SlimServer version?

How long does it take you to rescan? Are you sure the rescan is complete?