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2005-12-21, 08:22
Using Slimserver 6.2.1 I notice the following behaviour
browsing by Artist or Genre from either the player or
the WEB insterface:

Under each artist is a list of albums and, if a song by that artist
has an empty album tag there's an entry for "No Album".
If that is selected, the list of songs in the "album" includes songs
by any artist for which there is an empty album tag.

It might make sense for the song lists of actual compilation albums
to include all the songs, but in this case the list should really only
include the songs by the artist being browsed.

There is a similar problem when browsing by Genere but I cannot recall
the details to give a concise description.

Is this a known problem (or feature) that might have a fix or work-around?

There is a link on the Wiki about "Various Artists Logic". I was
hoping it might be relevant but the entry appears to be empty.

Craig, James (IT)
2005-12-21, 08:27

I got my SS to behave by changing the "Filter genres at the album &
track level." setting, but this did not work for everyone on the bug
above. There's definitely a problem here...


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2005-12-21, 19:11
Thanks, that works for my situation.