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2005-12-20, 14:26
I only just got into this in the past couple of days, my boss has a squeezebox in his home. Here is the dilema: The guy that was setting up my boss' sound system has become very unreliable so now I am in charge of getting this working. The guy told my boss that he could install a Touch-Screen remote at my boss' bar (in his house) so that guests can choose music and create custom playlists. Price is never a big issue with my boss as long as I can get the job done. Anyone have any suggestions?

2005-12-20, 14:39
If cost is no object, this is the coolest one I've seen: http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=62827

2005-12-20, 14:52
But that's just a mod and it looks free. Maybe I am not relaying this correctly, but I'm looking for a Touch-Screen Remote. I need an actual device preferably with a screen at least 6"x6" that can be setup on the bar and people can look through all the MP3s available and select ones they want to hear.

2005-12-20, 15:38
I regularly let guests pick songs & add to playlists, using a pocket PC running Telcanto.

If that's not flashy enough, how about a small tablet PC running the 'Touch' skin for SlimServer. (Have a look at motion computing's LS800)


2005-12-20, 15:49
I'm the guy that wrote the module referenced in a previous message. I've got to say, that is the coolest interface I've seen for the Squeezebox as well. But I couldn't have done it alone. I thank several others (Vincen, for his constant suggestions, Dom for his wonderful touchscreen layout work, and perhaps most of all, Fred for his tireless work on improving the CLI of the SlimServer software enough to make my module possible). Not to mention some other really good BETA testers.

The module that I wrote is for an AMX NetLinx system. You need three components to use my module:

1. Some sort of AMX NXI controller. It can be an integrated controller with I/R, relays, contacts, etc (very useful if you want to control other A/V gear). Examples: NI-700, NI-2000, NI-3000, NI-4000. Or an NXI with an ME260 master card. Or heck, if you don't need I/R, relays, or contacts, then just an ME260 master card in a shell.

2. A wireless access point. Any brand will do.

3. Some sort of touchpanel. The featured touchpanel on the screenshot is a AMX Modero MVP-8400, a handheld wireless 2-way touchpanel that looks just great.

With that and a bit of programming knowledge, as well as the AMX software, you can get something running dang fast. In fact, I have a sample program that you can edit, download, and bring up in a very short time period, assuming you have the hardware hooked up and working.

Having an integrated controller is nice because then the system can control the rest of the A/V gear. For example, volume would turn up/down the volume of the A/V system. Select "Music", and the display turns off. Etc, etc.

If you're interested in considering AMX (it's expensive, but it's damn nice), I'd contact one of their dealers. You should be able to get dealer referrals from www.amx.com.

-- Jeff

Robert Zimmerman
2005-12-20, 16:53

I've just bought a condo in ski country and I'm looking to set up
access to my music collection on my Mac G4 at home. I have a
wireless access point at the hotel that requires a login and password
to connect to their wi fi network. My question is this:

How do I use a Squeezebox at the condo. Is there a wireless router
that can connect to a wifi network, then connect a wireless

End result is I want to listen to the music stored on the home
computer on my stereo at the condo, using a Squeezebox to control my
Slimserver at home. And I have to do this using the wireless access
the hotel provides.

Any ideas. Much appreciated.

Rob Zimmerman

2005-12-20, 22:00
I don't know how well it would work, but in the Wiki area http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?PluginRemoteControls there is an older listing for Crestron device support.

http://crestron.com/ has a number of products that might fit your bill.


2005-12-21, 01:10
Nokia 770?