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2005-12-20, 12:28
If i get the diagram right for hardware. You need a computer connected to the internet - squeezebox -
amp ? or reciever (can't tell from the picture) - normal home stereo speakers ? I'm planning on using linksys mimo wireless router to connect from the computer to squeeze box . Would appreciate the help to narrow down the hardware . I keep getting , oh we are just a stereo place , don't know much about using computer with stereo. Thanks.

2005-12-20, 12:50
Yup, you've got it. Just plug the Squeezebox into your standard audio system is if it were a CD player and you can't go wrong (!).

The bit that some people have difficulty with is the wireless router - to - squeezebox bit, this can be temperamental depending on interference, thickness of walls, etc. So if wired is an option it might be better. But don't panic if it isn't - I have two SB2s working wirelessly very happily, as do many others.

Also have a look at the Beginners Guide in the Wiki, it might be helpful to you... http://wiki.slimdevices.com/