View Full Version : Problems with Artwork (Itunes related?)

2005-12-20, 09:59
I was never very careful about artwork with Slimserver in the past.
However, I now own a video ipod and my CD collection has grown to well
over 500. So I decided to fix things (though I thought).

I configured Slimserver to use my itunes installation. That worked
fine. I then used one of the free itunes artwork importers. Ran it in
autoamtion mode and it fixed many of the tracks that did not have
artwork. The rest I did manually in Itunes by dragging and dropping
artwork from amazon.com.

Okay now I see my artwork in the now playing window and if I drill down
to a particular track on the left wind (in slim web client). Problem is
when I select 'browse by artwork' nothing shows. COnfused...any
suggestions are appreciated.