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Danny Rego
2005-03-01, 15:56
Since sending the message below, I've re-installed the latest nightly v6...activeperl.....Net::FTP....and I'm still having this problem (only with v6...on v5.4.x it works PERFECTLY FINE).

Could someone just quickly try to get a "new FTP" object (connecting to a public ftp hostname) from within a plugin? I just want to make sure that it's something on my system alone. (preferably windows, but at this point, I'd settle for just about anything)

Also...perhaps if someone knows of a v6 compatible plugin out there that's using Net:FTP...they could direct me to it, so I can try to get it running on my system.

Danny Rego

Original message...

Does anyone have a clue why I can't get Net::FTP to work with v6 of slim server? I've included all files in the Plugins Directory (which worked perfectly on v5.4.x), but for some reason when I attempt to get a "new Net::FTP", I get this error...

Unknown error at C:/PROGRA~1/SLIMSE~1/SERVER/Plugins/WebLogger/Plugin.pm line 1050.

....the call is this...

my $ftp=new Net::FTP($server,
Passive => 0,
Debug => 1
) || die $@;

....this is driving my batty. Anyone have any insight? From inside the FTP.pm module, it seems to die within the constructor when it attempts a NEW on SUPER...

my $ftp = $pkg->SUPER::new(PeerAddr => $peer,
PeerPort => $arg{Port} || 'ftp(21)',
LocalAddr => $arg{'LocalAddr'},
Proto => 'tcp',
Timeout => defined $arg{Timeout}
? $arg{Timeout}
: 120
) or return undef;

....if anyone has an explanation, I'd appreciate it, because this is becoming quite the lengthy debug. (grr!)

Danny Rego