View Full Version : Error message:Could Not Open File

2005-12-18, 20:15
Just get my SB this week,
the installation goes fine.
I was able to connect to Slimserver,
but I was unable to play any files.
I get this error message:Could Not Open File

The Slimserver software was installed on both of my PC.
I finally figure that I was probably pointing to the wrong one...
Just get over the configuration
and select the proper PC and voila la musique !!!

My girlfriend was able to operate the SB just after a quick training.

I got my SB in Canada via Travel-Net in Ottawa.
Excellent service from Marc.

My SB is connected via Spdif to a Behringer DCX2496 crossover that feed a ZaxCom audio console connected
to two Behringer A-500 amplifier.
My speaker consist:
2 Davis 5po Mid-Base
2 ScanSpeak Tweeter
All my CD has been ripped in FLAC.
My server is an EPIA M10000 running Win2000.[/QUOTE]