View Full Version : Anomalies Playing .wav files (bit long)

Skip Pa k
2005-12-18, 17:11
I have just got my SB3 up working (wireless), communications
seem great, but I can only play some of my wav files, all created
using EAC, though differing in method as I refined my EAC method.

Lateley, I have first gotten the freeDB information, next created
a cuesheet, then ripped selected tracks (all are selected) using
test and copy. I end up with a directory named after the group,
with a cue sheed named after the album, and one track per cut,
named with the song title. In this case, I get the message
'cannot open file', wheather I select the alubmn title, the song
title, or the .wav file itself for play.

In my earlier days using EAC, I often did not have the cuesheets,
and the naming was erratic. These usually play fine. Any help as
to what I'm missing here? (I also use cuesheet editor, and CDRWin
for burning CDRs for situations where they might not last.

I expect that I will go to flac, and would also like to get your
suggestions for flac conversion given a cuesheet and individual
track .wav files.