View Full Version : Need some help...

2005-12-18, 09:48
Ok so here is what I want to do. I have an intel pc that just took a crap on me, and i have decided i want to put a couple big hard drives in it and store all my music on it. I want to be able to play the music off of it using either a squeezebox or just share via itunes. I hope to be able to rip cd's from my ibook and then send them to the pc "server." I am wondering which is the better way to go, using the squeezebox or just sharing via itunes, and also, what OS should I load onto the pc server if I choose the squeezebox? I look at all the FAQ's, and on the boards and didn't really see anything about using a PC server side and controlling with a mac. Can anyone help me out, and give me some advice? Thanks!