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2005-12-17, 15:51
I've had my Squeezebox 3 for a few weeks and I'm extremely happy with it. The hardware works great, and I'm continually impressed by the design and hard work that has gone into the SlimServer software. I don't even have time to delve into all the great features I could be using.

The only thing that's been an irritant to me--and I admit it is minor--is the design and placement of the volume buttons on the remote. In the spirit of providing feedback to the Slim Devices engineers and suggestions for improvement, I'd like to provide my thoughts. (If this is the wrong place to post this, I'd appreciate someone letting me know where suggestions belong)

1) I'd like the volume buttons to be more conveniently located. I find I have to stretch across the remote to reach them. I'd rather have the volume buttons within easy reach. At the very least I'd move the volume buttons to the right and have them swap places with the power button, which doesn't need to be accessed as often. (I'm right-handed, as are the majority of people)

2) Even more fundamentally, I find the labeling/placement of the volume buttons to be very un-intuitive. Volume up and down are indicated with up and down carets (^) yet the buttons are placed side-by-side, rather than vertically which would make the button arrangement consistent with the icons. Every time I want to change the volume I have to do a mental "double-take" to make sure I hit the right button.

The recommendation would be either (1) to change the labels on the buttons to right and left carets ( < and > ), using the convention that the caret pointing right means higher volume, or better yet,(2) to place the buttons in a vertical arrangement with the top button being "up" volume (^).

I hope this feedback helps. Other than this little thing, everything's been fabulous.

2005-12-17, 17:11
What, something like this (http://tinypic.com/ipo275.gif)?

Okay, I'll get me coat...

2005-12-18, 12:20
Have to agree about the remote -- the tiny volume buttons should be 2x larger and away from the big red power button.

the number buttons take up 30% of the remote. Not sure why when the arrow buttons are easier to use on the fly.

the arrow buttons are nice but the "up" arrow is way too close to the buttons on either side.

The design of the remote could use a re-think.

2005-12-18, 14:30
The design of the remote could use a re-think.
Sure could; think about it from the point of view of someone with limited vision or someone (any of us) trying to use it in the dark. Even when you remember where each button is (no backlighting, no logic to the button arrangement) you still have to find each button which is difficult as they are so small and the remote is so symettrical.
On the other hand I like having just a few, well thought out, buttons - too many remotes have too many, underused, buttons.
I think you cannot please everyone - for example I never use the volume on the Squeezebox, but I think most would agree that the buttons are too small and too insufficiently differentiated.