View Full Version : SB2 - Cannot communicate on wireless network

2005-12-17, 14:37
I've had my SB2 for about 2 months now.

Occasionally I've had to reboot the unit when it has become non-responsive which has resolved the problem in the past.

The other day I noctied the display was showing some random lines and dots, and the unit was non-responsive. A reboot did not completely resolve the issue.

The SB2 will not communicate on the wireless network, where it has for the last 2 months without any issues.

I've done the follwoing:

1) Factory Reset
2) Re-programmed MAC address (was 00-FF-00-00-FF-00)
3) Re-programmed all network settings

The unit will successfully connect to my network (SSID), but does not retrieve a DHCP address, and will not work using a static address either.

DHCP always returns a 169.254.x.x IP address, which means it's not getting an address. All other wireless and wired devices on my network have no problem getting an IP address via DHCP.

I've reset and re-programmed the unit countless times and still no success. The device is seen by the wireless router (with the corrected MAC address), but the unit isn't able to communicate on the network. Could it be a faulty PC-Card in the unit?