View Full Version : Nice job on 6.2.1, guys

Pale Blue Ego
2005-12-17, 14:11
I'm a longtime Slim user (still have an original Slimp3) who usually stays far from the bleeding edge server releases. I've been using 5.4.1 for a while and it's been very solid.

An interest in playing with GoCubs' SuperDateTime screensaver prompted me to try the latest official release, 6.2.1.

I'm running the server on a cheap Linux/AMD system with 512 RAM, about 18,000 songs.

It's always a joy to look through the server and player settings to see all the neat, new stuff that's been added. All I can say is, the slimserver continues to astound with new features and configuration options.

Even sweeter, the performance is much better with the new db backend. With 5.4.1, cueing up a large list like Genre-Rock would usually blank the display for a looong time and occasionally kill the server. With 6.2.1, no complaints from the server and the music starts in a few seconds. Excellent!

Keep up the great work!