View Full Version : Help! "Use iTunes" not working??

2005-12-17, 09:34
Does the Use iTunes feature work at all??

In the server settings, I've clicked the button to "Use iTunes." In the iTunes settings, I've:

-Set the iTunes reload time to 0 (i.e., no reload)
-Set "unchecked songs in iTunes" to "don't include unchecked songs"

I've tried both using "Find iTunes Music Library Automatically" and "Specify iTunes Library Music Library" using:

C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml

Where [User] is the user ID I'm logged in as. I've actually gone to the trouble of pasting in the location, so no typos. I've tried these variations with iTunes running, and without iTunes running.

My iTunes shows about 30K songs--half Apple Lossless (all checked) and half (same songs) AACs (all unchecked). When I do a "clear library and rescan," it doesn't pick up any iTunes entries. In fact, it picks up two WMA files that came with the XP Pro install I have--some version of Beethoven's 9th and some other Jazz thing that are in My Music\Sample Music. What gives? Its like Slimserver is ignoring the "Use iTunes" setting and still trying to scan My Music\ for song files...

I can scan for all song files (mine are actually on a network drive), but the "ignore checked files" thing seems like a great way of eliminating the duplicate AAC files (I'd prefer the home network SB3s to use Apple Lossless files--the AACs are just for iPod use).

Any ideas??

2005-12-18, 05:14
Sorry i have no ideas either, but am suffering the same problem.

I am using SlimServer Version: 6.2.1 - 5194 - Windows XP - EN, if anyone has any solutions to this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

I have found that if i just scan the music folder i get lots of duplicate songs in most of my albums.