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2005-12-16, 21:12
I'm having a number of problems getting started, but one of them is related to a lack of (apparent) documentation.

How do you fire up SoftSqeeze?

I'm running on Gentoo Linux, and the instructions on the Wiki about how to install slimserver were pretty straightforward. However, it was not at all obvious how to configure the server in the docs or on the Wiki anywhere. It did tell me that there was a web interface, but tracking down the port to connect on took a while. If that's in the docs somewhere, I completely missed it.

Anyway, finally somewhere I found a mention of port 9000, and then configuring the server was no trouble through the web interface. Incidently, I see a lot of comments here talking about how long it takes to scan your music, but I have about 4000 songs and it took about 2 minutes.

Now it was time to test it out with a player.

All the docs about SoftSqueeze tell me is that it is a Java based player and it comes with Slimserver. I find a Perl module called SoftSqueeze.pm, but other than that, nothing that I recognize as a java applet. Where would I find it, and what is it called?

Note that I installed from the tarball, not the RPM. Maybe the tarball doesn't include the player.

OK, putting the issue of SoftSqueeze aside, I decided to try a different player. In XMMS I tried to connect to the server using port 9000 from two different machines -- the local machine and my laptop over the network. In both cases slimserver detected the player right away, although XMMS itself was not so happy. The URL selection dialog never went away and XMMS itself froze up. Kill won't get rid of it, it takes a kill -9, and XMMS subsequently refuses to start until I remove the default playlist that now contains "http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3". This may be a fault of XMMS, I'm not sure. However, it's worth noting that once Slimserver starts playing, it stays on that song forever, and it doesn't care if the remote player goeas awya again. Slimserver hasn't locked up -- it responds to commands from the web interface. XMMS never actually plays a note.

I don't know if SoftSqueeze would work better, but it's worth a shot.

Also, it's probably worth noting that all my music is Ogg Vorbis. That may not make any differnce.

Anybody have any suggestions?

2005-12-16, 21:26
Lots of stuff here. Review the Beginners Guide in Community->Wiki area of Slim Devices web. This will guide you right through. Where there are weaknesses, or missing information, you can either update it, or ask others to help.

SoftSqueeze can be started via slim's web interface, under the Help section. But review the Begineers Guide first.