View Full Version : Success Story (Dropouts... pah!!! No way)

2005-12-16, 15:13
I've been somewhat critical of Slim Devices 802.11 implementation recently, something I still stand by, but in the wake of these success stories I guess that I should mention mine.

As I type this I have Robin Bowes' excellent perl script running that is doing a batch convertion of my entire (530 CDs) FLAC collection to MP3. Put it this way, it blew up my PC yesterday when I discovered that my 350W PSU wouldn't cut it at constant full load. Right now my performance monitor shows my PC locked at 100% CPU useage for the last 12 hours. Oops!!

Well, I'm listening to music on my SB2 from my SlimServer running on my totally maxed-out PC and, to make it even worse, the perl script is reading the Flacs off my external USB hard drive, writing the MP3s to the same drive, and the SlimServer has the music library on the same hard drive. This is a destruction test, I deserve to blow ever fuse in my apartment but it's all working perfectly. No dropouts whatsoever. Given the catastrophic load on my PC (I hit a key on the keyboard to interupt the screen saver and it takes 15 seconds to redraw the screen) it is a miracle this thing streams music at all, let alone without a single dropout.


- Julian