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2005-12-16, 11:02
Last week, I reported a partial display failure (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=18958).

I emailed support the next day, and received a reply accepting the replacement of the unit. I had indicated that since I'm near Slim's headquarters that I would be happy to stop by and do a manual swapout to save time and shipping. I was informed that I could pick up the unit anytime.

I picked up and brought home the replacement unit yesterday, plugged it in, configured the settings, and everything just worked.

So, here's a Thank You to Slim Devices for your excellent customer support, and it goes without saying, your outstanding SB2 and SB3 devices. These little, elegant boxes, as others have also mentioned, have completely changed the way I listen to music, and have further renewed my passion for music.

Happy Holidays Slim !