View Full Version : How do I listen to BBC radio?

2005-12-16, 07:19
I use MAC OSX 10.4.3. I listen to the BBC online, can anyone tell me how to listen through my wireless Squeezebox?

2005-12-16, 07:28


2005-12-16, 07:30
AlienBBC does the trick. See this page for details: http://www.x2systems.com/AlienBBC


2005-12-16, 13:49
On 16/12/05 at 06:28 -0800, davep wrote

The installation instructions (which I was involved in writing) give
the needed information.

One issue that that the program mplayer and the codec cook.bundle
which are needed are third-party items, so SlimDevices and the
AlienBBC team have no control over where the developers place them,
and this varies from time to time. If the suggested we pages work,
that's fine. If not, Google for 'mplayer' and 'OS X' and you'll find

One things to watch out for is that there are two flavours of mplayer
for OS X. One is the Unix file that you need (it may be in an item
with a name like last binaries). The other is a Mac program that
essentially provides a GUI to mplayer. If you Show Package Contents
on this (I have a vague memory of doing that twice) you can get down
to the Unix file. But anyway the codec (which may be part of reallib)
is also needed.

Daniel Cohen