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2005-12-16, 05:31
I now have my SB3ís up and running using 85Mbps HomePlugs, all very easy to setup with no problems at all.

I have given a new lease of life to my old Wavefinder with Dabbar and have also installed the AlienBBC plugin (what a fantastic plugin!)

The Squeezebox is a fantastic device I should have been on board earlier, surely worth the money for the radio streams alone. Now just have to rip my entire collection to be in audio heaven, not one for watching TV and who would want to with a few SBís installed around the house.

Just as a side note the SB in the bedroom is run through a pair of Creative I-Trigue 2200 and I have found these to be more than satisfactory. I was considering the JBL Creature 2 but space wasnít available for satisfactory placing of the sub unit. There is no hiss or hum from these units when left on or the volume is low. The sound quality is very good and adequate for a small room.

Now where else could I do with another SB :)


2005-12-16, 10:24
Glad to hear things have gone well - I can't wait to get all my WAF issues straightened out and get started on the road to SB heaven! I think you've definitely helped me find one of the ways to fix one of the WAF problems - I also don't have a suitable placement for a sub in one of the preferred SB locations, but I do need to have the power/control unit centrally placed (ie with the SB, not on the satellites, so I can plug everything into the same spot, as you get with most sub packages) and satellite speakers that I can mount on the wall with brackets. Anybody in this most generous of communities have any suggestions?
Yes, I know I'm whupped, but I don't want SB's to end up in the bottom of a drawer like some of my other inspired purchases that didn't get the WAF in advance!
All inputs appreciated - you never know where inspiration is going to come from!

2005-12-16, 13:28
Something like the Sony SRS-Z1, but maybe with slightly more power and decent looking speakers for wall-mounting.