View Full Version : Everything in Favorites plays poorly

2005-12-16, 05:22
I'm using a direct ethernet cable link on a Squeezebox 3 on an unshared 6MB broadband home network. The preset stations, like radioio, all play fine. Every Internet radio station I've added to Favorites has constant timeouts and interruptions. Even the controls, such as volume, have a lengthy delayed response when I'm playing any Favorite radio station. This does not happen when playing one of the pre-set stations.

This problem even occurs when all computers are off and nothing at all is using the broadband connection other than the Squeezebox.

This is particularly odd, since all of these stations play with no problem from my computer. Some, like Radio Paradise, have very consistent performance and can handle high bandwidth.

My question is whether Squeeze Network is acting as sort of a wrapper or relay around the manually-added stations, and thus slowing everything down?

And is there anything I can do to fix this problem? I was looking forward to listening to all my favorite stations through the otherwise-delightful Squeezebox.