View Full Version : Real time streaming. Possible?

2005-12-15, 17:52
Today I received my Squeezebox 3 and happily installed it. After hours of trying and searching I can't, however, make it act as an "audio cable" from my computer.

The reason I bought is was to get rid of the cables between the computer and my stereo. Of course I can play music using the slimserver but what about watching a movie or playing games? Is there a way to transmit the "audio out" from my computer to the Squeezebox? The best I've found yet is installing shoutcast and make it stream the sound from Winamp. However, the Squeezebox appears to do some buffering causing a delay of a couple of seconds. Not ideal for watching movies ;)

Any help would be appreciated!

2005-12-15, 22:45
There's no solution for that at the moment, and to be honest there is unlikely to be one. You need to buffer when there's a network involved, and even a tiny buffer (like 0.5 secs) would be very noticable with a movie soundtrack. The squeezebox is designed as a music player, there are some things for which a wire work better :)

2005-12-16, 02:10
If I only I knew this before I bought it...

At least in Winamp there is a setting called "offset video from audio by". If it was possible to set the SB's buffer to say 0.5 seconds I could just tell Winamp to delay the video by the same amount of time.