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2005-12-15, 13:57
This is off topic, and not at all a SlimDevices question...but this is the first place I thought to find helpful german speaking 'friends' out in the ether.

I recently bought an old German Leitz Microscope and I found a note/receipt packed away in it. It would be great to know what it says, and what it adds to the history of the piece. Anyone who would be willing to give me a good translation of the text and headings? You can see a high resolution image of the note here:


You can either post the info here, or email me directly at

slim (at) malsbury.net

Thanks in advance,

--Tom Malsbury

2005-12-15, 14:08
> This is off topic, and not at all a SlimDevices question...

Tatsächlich _sehr_ off topic - und erst noch in Englisch ;-). Ich werde
eine persönlich Mail schicken.



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