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2005-12-15, 12:02
Does anyone know if Cooltopia (or Progressive) are having problems (they're not based in Hemel Hempstead I hope)? I'm having difficulty making contact to get an update on my overdue Qnap TS-101 order. I ordered in November (when they were taking orders for November delivery) but that slipped to first week in December, then slipped again to (definitely, confidently) this week. I contacted them on Tuesday via their online support chat function and was told that Paul would call me in a short while. Two days later, I've had no call, no response to emails and their Online Support has been offline for two days. I appreciate it's a new product and they are at the mercy of the manufacturer, but after three shipping slips, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect to be kept informed.

Between this and my Nokia 770, I'm starting to suspect I picked the wrong toys to order. Still, Nokia have emailed to say they expect stock next week and will ship same day so I might have one toy to play with over the holidays ...

2005-12-16, 00:51

I have already answered your questions on the Qnap NAS thread. Please feel free to PM me so we can discuss this further.


Progressive Consumer Electronics Ltd

2005-12-16, 03:45
Ah, for some reason I lost track of that thread. Fingers crossed I'll get it during the holidays then.