View Full Version : What a difference a few years makes

Mark Lanctot
2005-12-15, 08:25
Take a look back nearly 4 years to gain perspective:


That reviewer loved the SLIMP3, and it's important
to note several things which just aren't issues
anymore - as well as areas where there have been
huge improvements...like for example a real
honest-to-goodness case! :-)

Even back then, he noted extremely low background
noise. He also liked the display:

"The 40x2 vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
provides outstanding readability and sufficient
room for a good user-interface (UI). This kind of
display is too expensive for most mass-market
players in this price range, but given their small
production volume it is in the noise. They
splurged, and it was a great decision. One can
only hope they don't skimp on the displays of
future products."


Mark Lanctot