View Full Version : SlimServer startup time

2005-12-14, 19:44
In preparation for purchasing a SqueezeBox, I started to play around with SlimServer (v6.2.1) and SoftSqueeze (v2.2). In installed SlimServer on my server (XP Home, SP2) and pointed it at my music directory (local to that machine).
I started up SoftSqueeze, configured it and it said "Please Wait, Connecting to Slim Server". I tried to connect via the web interface and could not connect. I checked the firewall to ensure all appropriate ports were open (9000/tcp, 3483/udp and 3483/tcp) and waitied about an hour. Same thing.
How long does the SlimServer take to start up the first time (I do have quite a bit of music in that folder - about 4700 files, 19GB)? Thanks.

2005-12-14, 20:09
i had the exact experience, i left it for a while and still no responce, so i just uninstalled it and reinstalled it and everything was fine.

if it is doing something, it would be wise to show some kind of progress, if it isnt, thats not a very attractive introduction to a product.


2005-12-14, 20:46
Thanks. It does seem a bit odd, but I uninstalled and re-installed and I can now connect via SoftSqueeze and the web interface. Now all I have to do is wait for it to scan my music library.