View Full Version : Use iTunes Checked Songs Only??

2005-12-14, 09:53
Does this function actually work? I've got a library with both 128 kbps AACs and Apple Lossless versions of each file. Since the AACs are just for iPod use and I didn't want 'em shown on the slimserver, I thought I had a workaround when I noticed that slimserver has an "iTunes" option that says import only "checked" files in iTunes. So, I went into iTunes, sorted by file class, unchecked the AAC files, and did a rescan. Last night it looked like it was working--I was getting only one copy of each song. But, when I checked this morning, there were two copies of each. Makes no sense to me... Has anyone else experimented with this option? Is there a way to figure out whether these are the AAC/Apple Lossless duplicates or duplicates caused some other way?

el payo
2005-12-14, 11:30
Well it looks great in Safari on OSX and modifying playlists doesn't require a page reload - which has always been an annoyance for me in SlimServer.

If there was a way to integrate this kind of functionality into SlimServer I'd be a very happy camper.