View Full Version : Another Success Story

2005-12-13, 13:42
Following Kyle's thread, I thought I'd try and increase the number of positive posts!

To be honest, I almost bought the Roku Soundbridge because I'm a sucker for aesthetics but the latest V3 design really won me over. Now I've used one for a few weeks, I can honestly say that the entire squeezebox experience has more than exceeded my expectations - even my Girlfriend can't help but be impressed (the Natural Sounds being her favourite!).

I've just taken delivery of my second unit so now I've got one in the lounge and one in the kitchen - all I'm waiting for now is the 300Gb Qnap NAS and I'll be well and truly sorted!

I still need to figure out how to get synchornised playback working and how to get the squeezebox connecting to SlimServer with WEP or WPA security turned on - I get constantly interrupted playback?

Apart from this (user error, no doubt), I am very pleased! Thanks for a great product!