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2005-12-13, 12:52

Does anyone use the Homeplugs?

I am thinking of using them with the SB3's I have on order. They come in 14Mbps and 85Mbps. I would like to know if the 14Mbps would be fine for running 3 SB's. My collection is in FLAC and it would be on limited occassions that all 3 SB's would be running.



PS Having looked through a search I think the 85Mbps will be a safer option!

2005-12-13, 13:02
I have Devolo homeplug adaptors for a location with poor wireless signal to provide good quality point to point connection.
It is in an large house 3 phase power and many circuits which was rewired 3 yrs ago. I did some measurement with the 14Mbps. The throughput varied from 1Mbps to 10Mbps.

I recently bought the 85Mbps version - although have not done any testing - the throughput is shown at 73mbps. I wouldn't risk 14Mbps units unless all the SBs and server are close to each other or on the same ring.

2005-12-13, 15:23
Thanks BPA

I think the 85Mbps have to be the option

2005-12-14, 10:25
Based on bpa's advice I bought these - superb is all I can say! I get a minimum of 33Mb/sec and often far higher. Doddle to set up as well.