View Full Version : Adding to libary

2005-12-13, 09:17
On my Slim Server 6.2.1 on Win2K I can't add to my library, I would like to use iTunes to import songs but it take AGES. I think there might be a problem; can some one help me?

2005-12-13, 10:18
You've got a problem.
You are very likely to find help here.
But why do you open a poll for your problem? If other people have the same problem they will chime in if they feel like or just anxiously follow the thread waiting for a solution.

If your problem cannot be solved then you should open a bug report at bugs.slimdevices.com. People can then vote on that bug.
There is no point in making people vote for a problem that has not yet been discussed. It doesn't help anybody!

If you want your problem solved, please give us some more details on what you're trying to do, your system, slimserver version, library size ... and what you have tried out so far.