View Full Version : Deleting from Database?

2005-12-13, 07:39
I'm a total newbie at this... And, yes, I did try searching the forums and reading the faq... I just have to believe there is something obvious I'm missing...

Here's my problem. I got my SB3 connected to my network, a SFF PC running Slimserver (latest v), and the slimserver software to index my music files on my terastation. But... I maintain two complete libraries--128 kbps AACs for portable iPod use and Apple Lossless files for use with my home audio gear. That means slimserver finds two copies of everything--I'd just like to delete the lossy compressed files from the repertoire, or have it ignore those files, or... Is there an easy solution?

2005-12-13, 08:26
Keep the AACs and Lossless files in different folders?

2005-12-13, 08:31
Given that I use iTunes on some machines, moving files around would mean reindexing everything. Since I can't get iTunes to reliably index even what I have now (about 30K songs--or 2 x 15K songs, depending on how you look at it). The lossy compressed files are in a separate folder off the main folder. Would slimserver ignore the folder if I "hid" it somehow or changed access permissions? I could then change it back after the indexing... Any possibility there?