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2005-12-12, 22:09
I ordered a SqueezeBox 3 last Tuesday evening (12/6), specifying UPS 2nd Day Air, expecting it would ship Wednesday and arrive Friday. About an hour later, I received the following:
We have authorized your credit card but we will not charge it until the order ships. At that time, you will receive an email with your tracking number from UPS's QuantumView service.

If you have any questions, please contact us at orders@slimdevices.com.
I've received nothing since. When nothing arrived on Friday, I sent email to the orders email address inquiring about the status of my order; I've received no reply.

Is this normal procedure for SlimDevices? I kind of expected better, given all the positive buzz about the SqueezeBox, and the very proactive participation of SlimDevices personnel in this forum.

I had a bit of trouble justifying the cost of the SqueezeBox (especially when Linksys wireless media adapters, which have worked pretty well for me, are currently selling for a tenth the price at several local retailers), but a family gathering last weekend and the cachet of the SB3 pushed me over the edge. Now I'm very disappointed, and having second thoughts.

- Dennis Brothers

2005-12-12, 22:23
Ordinarily our products are in-stock and ready for same day shipment. However, due to tremendous demand since the SB3 launch, we are having to rapidly scale our factory, sales, and shipping facilities in order to keep up.

Our order page currently indicates 3-5 days lead time - realistically, this is likely to increase as we approach Christmas.

Sorry about any delay. We are working hard to get these guys out!

2005-12-13, 00:09
"Our order page currently indicates 3-5 days lead time - realistically, this is likely to increase as we approach Christmas".

Uh, sorry to disagree, but I just went back through your ordering process, starting with the "Buy Now" button on your home page, up to but not including "Place Order" (much as I'd like to have two SBs - I agonized over the $100 off two offer :), and nowhere does it indicate that shipment will be delayed.

I can understand your situation, and I'm not surprised, but you could do a better job of managing expectations. It's also disappointing that there was no response to my inquiry.

Still looking forward to the SB3 -
- Dennis Brothers

2005-12-13, 00:24
It's the second bullet item on the first page. However, I agree it should be more visible. In fact I have already proposed that we add a more detailed notice on the "shipping options" page.