View Full Version : "None" screensaver doesn't work in SqueezeNetwork mode

Mark Lanctot
2005-12-12, 20:59
The "none" screensaver works fine in SlimServer 6.2.1 with firmware 28 on my SB2.

But it's never worked in SqueezeNetwork mode for me. I can select it in the player. On the SqueezeNetwork web page, it's in the drop-down list but I can't select it - when I try, it just reverts to "Datetime Screensaver".

The player never uses the None screensaver, always the Datetime screensaver.

Any ideas? Before I used 6.2.1 (firmware 28) I was running 6.1.1 (firmware 15) and selected the None screensaver - which selected in SN but never actually ran in the player since the firmware didn't support it. But now that I'm on firmware 28, it's supported just fine in SlimServer and works in SlimServer mode - not SN mode. Could this be related to a web setting from my firmware 15 days getting remembered?