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2005-12-12, 13:55
First post here from a complete novice so patient understanding would be appreciated!

I have two SB3's on order and am currently trying to do a 'dummy run' through the whole ripping, tagging and player emulation cycle using Softsqueeze. All the Slim s/w and the music files are on my laptop so what I am expecting is to hear some music coming out of its speakers.

Everything seems to be "OK" in that Slimserver sees music in the library and Softsqueeze appears to launch correctly.

However I can't figure out to drive the emulator, even how to make it larger on my screen so the miniscule buttons become legible. I've figured out how to launch the remote, but now what?

How do I get it to play a tune?

I'm sure there's a very simple answer but this dummy can't find it. The Wiki has lots of links on Softsqueeze but none that I have tried point to an Idiot's Guide.

Thanks in advance.

2005-12-12, 14:45
Go here: http://www.slimdevices.com/su_documentation.html

Download the SB3 manual. Softsqueeze operates in pretty much the exact same way as an SB3.

2005-12-12, 14:53
One of the buttons which brings up the preferences. Once you'e there you can find a number of different options for the display. Try keeping the mouse over a button if you can't find one actually named "prefs" (my display has it, but you may be using a different one).

The up dwon, left, right buttons go through various options (Browse Music Folder, Browse Aartists, and others). Navigate to an item you want to play (album, track, whatever) and click on Play.

That sould do it, though I confess my current set-up is too simple for all the options to occur, so I may have something wrong.

You have to tell SlimServer (using the server settings in the Web interface) where your music folder is first. There's a lot of settings that can be adjusted using the Web interface.