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2005-12-12, 10:07
Wouldn't a filename extension 'preference list' be more elegant? Eg
prefer .flac ahead of .mp3, etc?


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clumsyoik Wrote:
> How about an option:
> "If multiple tracks have identical track/artist/album tags, then
> all except the one with the largest filesize"

That sounds like a really good idea. Anyone else like this idea?

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2005-12-12, 10:26
Wouldn't a filename extension 'preference list' be more elegant? Eg
prefer .flac ahead of .mp3, etc?

You'd think - after all isn't that what file extensions are for...

Unfortunately it doesn't work for Apple Lossless vs AAC which both use a .m4a extension - don't blame me - I didn't design it :-)

I guess it might be possible to do some type of batch rename - but it makes it hard for people just using the apple defaults.

2005-12-12, 16:48
Wouldn't a filename extension 'preference list' be more elegant? Eg
prefer .flac ahead of .mp3, etc?

That would be quite good. Or you could do it on bitrate or any other property.

My only issue is that the tags on my flacs and aac's don't always match exactly (historical - due to using EAC for one and iTunes for the other)... That's more of an issue with my library than anything else.

2005-12-13, 05:14
Wouldn't a filename extension 'preference list' be more elegant? Eg
prefer .flac ahead of .mp3, etc?]
Yes, if it is a simple choice of Flac/AAC or Flac/MP3.

It is more complicated if you have a mixture of Vorbis/MP3/Flac/AAC in your library.

Using the largest file is more a quick-and-dirty solution.

To do it properly would require much more than filename extensions; for instance, I would rather use Vorbis than MP3 (for its gapless capability), unless the MP3 has a bitrate > 120% of the vorbis AND I am not listening to a gapless album.

How would you distinguish between Vorbis and OggFlac (both have .ogg extension). How would you distinguish between WMA lossless and lossy?

A proper solution has many variables to take into account:
* codec type (*not* file extension)
* bitrate/codec quality (i.e. AAC 100Kbps VBR == MP3 128Kbps CBR)
* is codec gapless?
* is gapless playback required? (i.e. listening to gapless album)
* is codec native? (i.e. does user want ffwd/rewind capability)
* is transcoding required? (i.e. is there enough CPU?)
* source (CD->MP3 might be preferred over vinyl->flac)

2005-12-13, 05:57
Slimserver treats all media under one set of rules, where in fact there are different requirements not only for the client device being used, but also types of media. Music, speech, audio books etc. You wouldn’t want crossfading on an audio book, but you might if your listening to a random selection of tracks.

For me, I like to use the Random plugin, but it annoyingly plays the odd chapter of my girlfriends Harry potter book! I would rather audio books were excluded from the music scan, and played only through Browse Folder.

How about an apache style per-directory file directive? (like .htaccess)

You could drop in a special file, that tells slimserver how to behave in that, and all subsequent sub-directories.

See http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1700

2005-12-13, 15:30
I didn't find this thread before, so I posted in the Beginners forum... Is there any decent workaround for this? I've got 30K files--really 15K songs, but each in Apple Lossless and AAC 128 kbps. I'd like to lose the lossy files for the slimserver, but moving to a completely separate directory is a no-go, since the files are shared (iTunes, bunch of other apps)...