View Full Version : can't connect, may murder the slimdevice soon

2005-12-11, 17:10
Help. I'm reading these posts and 3 hours later i'm exasperated. Once upon a time i could connect. then one day i couldn't access my slimserver webpage and it turned out that it was because i had installed a vpn access program using port 9000. I disabled the program and was able to access the page, but now i can't connect to the squeezebox no matter what I do. i reloaded the slimserver software several times. I pinged the darn thing and it sees my laptop's ip and one would think we could connect. i thought maybe there was some residual interference on the port so i changed the port in slimserver. but no connection. am i supposed to see my ip address somewhere on this slimserver page? i don't see it.

2005-12-11, 19:03
After doing all the above in my last post, I went into my connections properties and noticed that my Checkpoint SecurRemote connection was checked off under the General Tab of my wireless connections. Note that this was the same application that was using my 9000 port. So even after disabling the application, I had to remove it from my wireless connections dialog box in order to allow the slimserver to use that port. This might be the same problem that others are having.

2005-12-11, 22:47
Glad to see you got it fixed. Murder can be so messy .... :-)