View Full Version : How to run SlimServer remotely through SB3?

2005-12-11, 14:18
Exactly what the title says. How do I get my SqueezeBox3 to find the SlimServer running somewhere remotely? For example, if I have a SB3 in my office and SlimServer at home, how can I access my remote SlimServer using only the SB3, not my office computer? Is this possible?

2005-12-11, 14:33
Hold down left arrow to go to network setup. Input the IP address of the server at work.

Most likely, this won't just work as easily as this, because your work probably has a firewall.

If your work has a firewall, or is doing NAT, then you'll need to either work with your IT admin and setup the firewall, or you'll need to create a reverse SSH tunnel.