View Full Version : Radio Station Titles Changing in Playlist

Mark Miksis
2005-12-11, 12:19
I have a .pls playlist with a bunch of different entries for internet radio stations. I've included "Title=" entries with descriptions of locations/formats, etc. When I browse the playlist everything looks and works fine. However, after a given stream is played, my custom Title string is replaced by the title broadcast by the stream when browsing the playlist.

Is this configurable? Is there a way to force the Browse Playlists screen to continue displaying the title from the playlist?

Note that I also observe the same behavior when playing streams from the Slim Devices Picks plalist.

Mark Miksis
2005-12-12, 09:27
OK, it seems that the titles being displayed are actually the file names of the streams. Refreshing the database seems to "sometimes" reset these to the names in the playlist file, but not always. However, one a stream is played again the name once again reverts to the name of the file.

Is there any way to control this behavior?