View Full Version : Up and Running!

2005-12-10, 22:03
Got my wireless SB3 today, had zero problems getting it up and running (probably because I struggled for hours setting up an apple airport express a few months back!). The only thing I had to do was figure out how to open the port on the personal firewall running on my laptop.

I'm streaming flac files to the stereo as I write this, the sound is superb! (NAD 372 integrated connected to Focal JMLab Cobalt 16s speakers)

Hey, I just gotta say, good work to slim devices and their developers!

Arlington, MA

2005-12-11, 01:37
Thanks - most folks only post here if they have problems. :)

2005-12-11, 01:43
Looks like Sean is pulling an "all nighter".

Now thats what I call dedication

Its 00:40, do you know where your CEO is?