View Full Version : Enhancement request: Full support for iTunes Dynamic playlists

2005-12-10, 15:18
Would be very cool if Slimserver could write back to the iTunes database everytime it played a song so that Slimsever could use the "last played" feature in iTunes playlists.

Here's the scenario: you have lots of songs in a playlist, where the order is unimportant (shuffle by song). You'd like to build a playlist in iTunes that says something like:

"Select IF <conditionX> ** selects songs for the list

This would dynamically select songs for a playlist based on conditionX but would also limit the list to just those songs that were only played more than Y days ago. This would let you shuffle songs but ensure you don't listen to the same song in a period of time (say 30 days)

i've been using by SB for over two years and i think it's the greatest. just looking to make the best even better.

2005-12-10, 16:21
Isn't that what the itunes updater plugin does?

2005-12-10, 16:26
wow -- i've never heard of it. i see an "iTunes" plugin listed in the "plug ins" part of the server settings, but i didn't know what it does.

is there anywhere i can read more about it?

many thanks!

2005-12-10, 23:41
There are two itunes related plugins, the regular itunes plugin which is included as standard and provides the read functionality (import tunes & playlists), and the itunes update plugin which is 3rd party and you need to download & install.

You can find it (and all the other plugins) here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?SlimServerPlugins (look in the Audio section).

2005-12-16, 14:22
Thanks tons for your message -- i'm thrilled by what i've read for the iTunes Update plug in. It sounds perfect.

i'm trying to get it working in direct update mode, but it says I can't run SS as a service. I know how to turn the service off in Windows, but how do i run SS not as a service? I believe if i choose "start SS" from the SS tray application or from the Programs list in the Start menu it will start it as a service. Is that right?

I also tried running Slim application in program files\slimserver\server. it brings up a DOS window and displays some messages, but it doesn't appear that SS is running (my browser can't connect to it).

Anxiously awaiting some help -- i'm really excited by this plugin!

2005-12-16, 16:44
OK, i figured out how to disable the service and get SS running otherwise (run program files\slimserver\server\slim) -- but it displays a DOS window, and if i close it SS closes. Is there any way to get rid of the DOS window?

2005-12-17, 08:38
If you create a shortcut to the exe, and then edit the properties of the shortcut, there should be options to run minimized. That's the best you can (easily) do I think.

2005-12-17, 10:06
that would mean there would still be an entry in the task bar, correct? Not perfect, but woth the trade off to have the iTunesUpdage plugin.

2005-12-17, 12:04
I have been through exactly this journey.

The utility you need is called cmdow and you can get it from http://www.commandline.co.uk/cmdow/.

I have a little batch file (startslim.bat) which I created in Notepad, located in my Windows directory and have added to my startup group in program manager which containes the following commands:

cmdow /run /hid "c:\program files\slimserver\server\slim.exe"

This has the effect of opening a DOS window briefly on startup which then disappears once slim and the iTunes update plugin have succesfully started.

2005-12-21, 07:15
Fantastic. This works perfectly and I am so thrilled with the setup. iTunesUpdate is an incredible plug in that really multiplies the value of using iTunes as a music organizer.

many thanks for all your help.