View Full Version : Choosing a different slimserver

2005-12-10, 12:00
So, I've got an SB1. I just added a second slimserver to my network in
anticipation of switching from the old one to the new one, but at the moment
I have two.

How do I get the SB1 to give me the option of selecting a new one? If I get
into the setup, it will show me that it's connected to the old one, but
doesn't seem to offer an option to select a different one. I can change
DHCP or static but that seems like all I can do? Do I have to go through
the steps of changing one of these to get to the screen where I can select a

One server is 5.4 based, the new one is the lates 6.1.x if it matters.

2005-12-10, 14:36
i have two slimservers on my network. to switch between them from my SB3 (not sure how it works on an SB1) i hold the left arrow done for a number of seconds and it puts my into a set up mode in which i can pick between all the SS's it finds on my network.