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2005-12-10, 05:47
OK I am sure this has been covered before, but I am also sure this thread will help others like myself who want to ask the same questions.

My situation.

Running old style SliMP3 and using my desktop PC to run SlimServer.
Now I want to leave the slimserver running 24/7 but do not want to leave my PC running 24/7, mainly due to boise nad power consumption.

So I am investigating several optios.

1. Buy a second user HP Vectra e-pc (the ones with a laptop power brick) as its quite and used a max 0f 41W (31W in idle) and a Maxtor OneToch II 300GB as it has power management to prolong the life of the HDD.

2. As above but using a Linksys NSLU2 as these devices use less power, should be quiter and a new one is cheaper than a second user HP Vectra.

BUT I have absolutely no Linux experience whatsoever, so the setting up would be difficult for me. I have found some guides on the internet, but I do not understand some of the Linus speak.

Therefore my questions are these.

1. How easy are these NSLU2's to set up with slimserver and is there a real idits (No previous Linus experience required)guide to doing this available.

2. Also I have heard that the NSLU2 can be slow, but how much slower would it be than say the HP Vecta (P3 1GHz / 256MB ram)

The third option would be a Maxtor Shared Storage Plus, but I have read in these forums that these cannot run slimserver. Is this true? if not again how easy to setup etc etc...

Thanks for reading and I would be greatful if some kind soul could advise me accordingly, as I am sure others would be greatful too


2005-12-10, 16:05
Hi EliTom,

I installed and 'unslung' a NSLU2.
I also did the "speed upgrade" (<http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/OverClockTheSlug>).
My experience is that the system is too slow for use with SlimServer. The problem is not the CPU, but the memory.
Slimserver uses more memory then the standard NSLU2 contains, so it is constantly swapping to/from the USB disk.
I advice you, to only use a NSLU2 (for slimserver purpose) if you are good with the soldering iron and dare to add more memory to the box (<http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/FattenYourSlug>).


-- Carel

2005-12-10, 16:15
I'd go the first option of those two, the linksys thing is jsut a bit too weenie.

The infrant readyNAS works very well with slim though and might be an option but it certainly is a bit more $$$