View Full Version : Radio in Slimserver and Squeezenetwork

2005-12-10, 03:41
Hi, sorry maybe a very stupid question but what may be the reason why this radio mms://nashe.e-se.ru/nashe1/ isn't working on squeezenetwork or slimserver anymore although:

1. it is still working in Windows media player (of course same link)
2. some days ago it was working on squeezenetwork (yesterday I upgrade to firmware 28 and used slimserver the first time but I think it is not the reason for this, isnt it?)
3. it a stereo (128kb) stream, so the BBC problem doesn't match.

My Squeezebox immediately says: can't open stream for:

Thank you for your help

2005-12-10, 10:28
Maybe this is because of the new firmware. Is there a possibility to downgrade from 28 to 26?