View Full Version : Can I use a Squeezebox as a remote sound card?

2005-12-09, 20:05
I have an odd idea I've been researching, but I think I've reached the point where I need to throw this to the experts....

I have a roomful of servers (W2K3 and Linux) which have no sound cards. It would be useful sometimes to hear the usual GUI beeps and such while using these, plus I could set up audio alarms for certain events (and maybe some text-to-speech).

I often control these servers remotely, either through VNC or an IP-enabled KVM, sometimes from off-site.

I was thinking, if I could set up a "virtual" sound card in each server, which fed into shoutcast/icecast, I could use any MP3 player to listen in on the "soundtrack" of whatever server I was using. Inside the computer room, I could set up a Squeezebox with a playlist, and choose the audio channel to match my KVM channel.

Ideally, I could also set up a "mix channel" (processed though one of my servers) which would allow me to hear error beeps from the whole room at once, and I could just leave that playing on the Squeezebox by default.

So far, I've partially figured out that the Linux part might work by using ALSA in some sort of loopback configuration (or maybe use NAS), but I'm stumped on the Windows end. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could proceed?

PS: If this works, I foresee a market for rack-mounted Squeezeboxes! :)

2005-12-09, 21:52
Is there a reason you don't just pipe the audio through the same transport as the video? I know most of the remote control/software kvm apps I've used will route audio.

2005-12-09, 22:41
The KVM is a Raritan Dominion KX232, which doesn't do audio, and I don't think VNC does audio either. Which audio-capable remote control apps have you used, and are they cross-platform? Do they still work if the machine has no sound card? And, can they give me that "mix channel" I was hoping for?

Hmmm... looks like NTONYX Virtual Audio Cable is what I was missing on the Windows end, now I just need to string it all together....

2005-12-10, 10:33
The couple I can think of which I know do audio are windows only, so I guess won't fly for you. That obviously also won't satisfy your mix requirement.

2005-12-10, 21:52
radish wrote:

>The couple I can think of which I know do audio are windows only, so I
>guess won't fly for you. That obviously also won't satisfy your mix

esd and artsd are both network transparent, which would get all your
*nix boxes playing on one sound card.

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