View Full Version : Add to Playlist on-the-fly?

2005-12-09, 06:08
After being used to the "drag and drop" capabilities of some desktop-based music playing software I find the Slimserver and Squeezebox interface a little limiting. Here's what I really want to be able to do...

When I'm listening to a track, say playing from a selected album I often think "this would be a good track to add to my 'Chill' playlist". However there doesn't seem to be an option to be able to say "add (single track)" and then point to a selected playlist. This is how I've always built up my playlists in the past - just by adding music while I'm listening to it - rather than spending time creating a 'planned' list. This would be most useful to do using the Squeezebox/remote interface since I'll mostly be listening from a Qnap network drive with Slimserver pre-installed and no other computers switched on.

Am I missing something? Can this be done? Am I the only person requesting this feature?

2005-12-10, 15:12
Am I really the only SB3 user who wants to be able to do this? I'm assuming by the lack of replies that on-the-fly playlist additions are just not possible. I find creating premeditated playlists too time consuming and frankly too frustratingly slow in SlimServer. Anyone know of any other alternatives? Perhaps this is a possibility in the MoodLogic support? They do, however, state that Moodlogic can only cope with 10,000 tracks. I have 15,000, so would I have to lose a third of my collection. How does it choose?

2005-12-10, 15:16
Looks like soneone is contemplating a plugin that might be close to what you want... you never know, if you give some input it might get written to meet your needs! See the thread at http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=18982


2005-12-10, 15:56
Thanks Ceejay - I'll give it a go...