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2005-12-08, 15:52
I've just noticed that some of my wma lossless tracks are not playing through to the end of the file and consequently they are getting cut off before they have finished.
I only noticed this because we have a Britney Spears track (Don't ask!) which ends with a spoken line and she doesn't actually get to finish the sentence before the track is stopped. The track itself is 3.32s and it gets stopped at 3.30s (by the SB3 display)- a full 2 seconds before it's meant to.
This happens regardless of whether the track is followed by another as I've tried it with and without follow-on tracks.
Sort of sounds like the last buffer is not getting played or something like that.

I'm using 6.2.2


2005-12-08, 16:31
After further investigation this happens with a lot of my music. The amount cut off at the end seems to variable - anywhere between 0 - 2 seconds or so. I would guess that the last buffer is not being played and as this last buffer could contain any amount of data depending on the very last refill then this would explain it.

Also, looking at the bug database I notice a similar bug which reported the same thing happening to flac files and as wma lossless is transcoded to flac for playback it's probably the same bug.



2005-12-08, 17:42
Yup - I raised 1434 and was about to suggest that it might be related. I haven't heard a jump of as much as 2 seconds, but certainly 0.5s is common.

2005-12-08, 23:42
Was this bug really raised way back in April?

If I'm right in assuming that it has still not been fixed then I'm shocked as it's a class A bug, surely.

It's a possible show stopper for me and the units will have to go back.

If I'd bought a CD player that did this I wouldn't have kept it for 8 months that's for sure.

2005-12-09, 08:09
Yup I raised it a while ago. There's a simple workaround - disable FLAC streaming and transcode to WAV. Works perfectly for me and doesn't have much of a downside (slightly higher bandwidth use and no ff/rew) which is I guess why it's not super high priority. So for me at least, it's not really a major issue.

But yes, I am a little disappointed it still hasn't been addressed. I have had occasional apologies for the delay, but a fix would be more welcome :)

2005-12-10, 00:19
I'm probably going to regret this but how do I force SS to transcode wma lossless to wav rather than flac?

2005-12-10, 00:29
On 9-Dec-05, at 11:19 PM, luga00 wrote:

> I'm probably going to regret this but how do I force SS to transcode
> wma
> lossless to wav rather than flac?
look in server settings->file types

uncheck wma flac
make sure wma wav is checked

click change.

that should do it


2005-12-10, 00:48
Great, thanks for that.