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2005-12-08, 15:11
Just bought the squeezebox 3 a couple of days back and found it to be fantastic..... however, today it has started an annoying habit of turning off/ disconnecting the radio after a short while. check sleep mode and I haven't accidently switched it on.

It's hardwired to a d-link 624.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!!


2005-12-09, 13:32
Do you mean the radio in the wireless networking hardware, or playing streaming audio radio? If its the wireless networking radio, I'd contact SlimDevices about a potential hardware problem.

If the problem is with streaming internet radio, it could be that the audio stream is dropping out. I haven't used the radio much on my SB, put in the past when using iTunes for radio I've had trouble with dropouts, and I have a fast line to my house. (1Mb/s+) It could be that the SqueezeBox or the server (I'm not sure which handles the radio streams) doesn't handle a dropout well, so it stops the player.


2005-12-10, 04:47
It is streaming radio that keeps stopping. It's not that often, possibly once every 20 mins or so. When this happens I have been able to restart it straight away by pressing play again.

Like yourself, I have a fast cable connection (4mb/sec). Mind, when it's working I can't help but be amazed at the sound quality!!Fantastic.

Thanks for your help!


Decided to time the disconnections. They occur every 10 minutes! Checked the sleep mode and it is switched off but this would suggest it could be a setup issue? Any further input on this would be appreciated. Thanks


Mark Lanctot
2005-12-12, 18:10
10 minutes huh?

Check DHCP lease time in the router. Set it to never renew or some really long time.

What's probably happening is your router is renewing the IP address lease of the SB. It's probably giving it the same one, but the very process of renewing the lease can often disconnect the SB.

You may also notice problems with long downloads on your computer(s) as the same thing will happen.

2005-12-12, 19:01
But DHCP renew time on a lan should be short (certainly compared to the buffer size of an SB3).

Is this squeezenetwork or through the slim server?

What radio station?

I found that some radio stations are unreliable. I think they don't take this internet broadcasting seriously yet.

2005-12-12, 20:43
Guys, there's some misunderstanding here about how DHCP works. I do not believe that toonartist's issue has anything to do with DHCP. DHCP leases are typically 2 hours, but certainly can be configured at will. Regardless, DHCP renew's occur at 1/2 the lease time, to ensure uninterrupted service using the current IP. The client will continue to request a renewal until it is granted one. Only a broken DHCP server will reject the request for the same IP address, and it should allow the renewal using the same IP. Only when there are administrative reasons, or a broken DHCP server would a new IP be granted.

The disconnect every 10 minutes, if it is that regular is interesting. If this was the station or some intermediate router issues, you'd expect to see less regular disconnects.

I can't tell from your post if you have a PC running slimserver, or if you are using squeezenetwork. Either way, to diagnose, I would using something like pingplotter to watch 30 minutes worth of network activity to the inet radio station, while playing that station as well. Pay attention to when the drop occurs and see if there is a coresponding network hicup.

If you know how to use a command shell, you can take a look at your netstat info to see what connection you have while the radio is playing, and see what happens to that connection immediately after it stops.

Lots of other things to test, but this should get you started.

2005-12-13, 14:39
Thanks for the replies!

I'm sure it was previously through the slim server, version 6.2.1.

It was occuring on all radio stations and not one particular one. At present, I have logged on to Slimnetwork to see if it does the same.

To be honest, the first time I listened to the radio through SB3, I can't remember if it was via the server or network!!! Anyhow, the stopwatch is on and I will see what happens. Thanks again


Played the radio through squeezenetwork for the last 30 minutes and the radio didn't cut out once! This would suggest the problem is with the slimserver or the setting's with slimserver?!?!???!

I will play the radio through slimserver tomorrow and record what happens with netstat!