View Full Version : Anything I should look for, or stay away from, in buying an external hard drive?

2005-12-08, 07:07
Besides size, USB2 and maybe Firewire, of course. Are there significant differences between brands?

2005-12-08, 07:17
I like my Maxtor 300GB USB. However, to get Windows XP Pro SP2 to recognize it in Explorer I have to turn it off and on every time after boot up.

2005-12-08, 07:37
Two I am looking at are Iomega and IOGear. Does anyone know anything good or bad about either brand?

2005-12-08, 14:19
I'd say metal case and internal fan of you are considering with 3.5" drive.

My one experie with external drive made me not by another after drive died in < 1 year (due to heat I figure).