View Full Version : SB3 Hangs 2 seconds into song

2005-12-08, 03:52
Got my Wireless SB3 yesterday, and I've spent a day trying to get it to work wirelessly with my Netgear 834GT Wireless ADSL Router. I'm on XP Pro SP2

I've set up ports 3483/9000 on the router as per the FAQ, and reinstalled SlimServer at least twice.

My 2 problems at the moment are:

* The SB3 plays the first 1-2 seconds of a track and then hangs. How do I know it has hung? I can't ping it any more, the web interface can't see it and most obviously the animation on the right-hand side of the SB3 is frozen in mid air.

* SlimServer (latest 6.2.1 version) seems to hang intermittently and is inaccessible via localhost:9000. It also proves difficult to shut down and restart unless you reboot.

I'm stumped at the moment and if I can't get any further today, it's going back and I'll get something else instead.

Any ideas before I send it back?



2005-12-08, 04:03
Don't give up yet!! Quite a few people have had problems with wireless, nearly all got them sorted in the end...

As a first step, are you able to try a Wired configuration temporarily? This would eliminate quite a few variables.


2005-12-08, 04:17
Thanks for the suggestion

I've tried it in a Wired configuration, and it seems to play OK until I hit pause, at which point it freezes as before, and neither the remote or the web interface work any more....



2005-12-08, 07:10
Are you using 802.11g standard compliance or the Super G stuff?

2005-12-08, 07:37
I'm using 802.11 b&g mode now as the SB3 wouldn't update its firmware if left on "Auto 108Mbps" mode.



2005-12-08, 07:45
Reinstall Slimserver and chose to Start then windows start (as a service).
If the problem persists turn of the firewall and see if that helps. You can turn it on again later.


2005-12-09, 15:51
OK - it works in wireless mode!!!

What did I do?

1. Changed from WEP to WPA-PSK encryption on the router after reading similar-ish issues on the Forum

2. Used a different PC (the other newer one has been RMA'd.......)

My money is on number 1 fixing it, but I'll try again next week when the other PC is back.

Thanks for the help everyone!